Aggregator tools

Now you can enrolling merchants in minutes and streamline your collections and payments reconciliation.

Simplified onboarding

We make it easy and fast. Now your merchants can self-manage its onboarding and start accepting bank cards immediately

Online registration

Merchants can register from a computer or cell phone.


Delivery of the reader

The purchase and delivery request of the card reader is done online.



The merchant receives the card reader and can start receiving payments immediately.

Easy and secure processing

Sales Concili a tion Bank S t o r e Cashout
Sales Concili a tion Bank S t o r e Cashout

The back-office portal will allow you to configure all the necessary rules for processing the payments of your aggregator business.

Tax adjustments

Automatic discounts of applicable local taxes.


Digitally define the rules to credit the net balances to your merchants.


Subtract the chargebacks from the balance of each particular merchant.


Reconcile the payments received with those of your merchants.

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