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Being close is our DNA

We reinvent ourselves because we really care about being close to the teams, the clients, the technology, and the experiences we generate. That is our top priority.

We connect because we are convinced that we are part of something bigger and that everything we do has an impact on others.

We commit ourselves because we believe that accepting each challenge we face is the way to grow and make each client grow.

A story full of inspiration, purpose and growth

It all started in 2012 on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, when one of the 4 founders of Geopagos went into the Apple Store and found out that he could pay with his card through a small device.

The idea popped up. He returned to Buenos Aires, got together with three friends, and in 2013 Geopagos was born with the purpose of promoting digital payments to transform the buying and selling experience of millions of people in Latin America.

Since then, it has been a story full of inspiration, purpose and growth.

Management Team

Sebastián Núñez Castro
CEO | Co-founder
Julián Lisenberg
CRO | Co-founder
Raúl Oyarzun
CTO | Co-founder
Fernando Tauscher
GC | Co-founder
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Javier Attie
Jeffrey Brown
Alumine González
Communications & Brand Director
Alejandro Wasserman
People VP

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