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Convert any web browser into a platform to accept e-commerce payments, for card-not-present transactions


Enable your merchants to generate a customized payment button to share on social networks, send it by e-mail or to place into websites

Customers can have access quickly and securely through the button and pay by credit card.

The integration can be done via API and SDK, HTTPS redirection and/or iFrame.


Increase the sales of your merchants with our checkout tool. Customers can complete their payments easily and securely.

Recurring Payments

Your merchants will automatically schedule bill payments, setting the frequency and payment amounts, through custom subscription plans.
  • Date range
  • Payment frecuency
  • Subscriptions

Virtual terminal

With this tool, your merchants can accept payments by entering manually the card information, associating the sales with the customer database.

The Virtual Terminal also keeps a historical record of transactions made, and friendly business analytics, providing comprehensive information quickly and efficiently.

Authorization hold

Allows to authorize amounts on hold for your merchants within tourism and car rental businesses.

Car rental

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All the information that your merchants need

Our solution offers an intuitive control panel to visualize statistics and make better business decisions


Your merchants can quickly see the evolution of sales through graphs and statistics.

Custom reports

The merchant can instantly visualize and extract information from sales and customers.

Behind the scenes, everything is under control

Our Backend proprietary technology provides the acquirer with powerful management tools. Know all the transactions of your merchants

Back-office for the acquirer

Making it possible to be present in every detail of your business:

•  Management of merchants and users.
•  Configuration of payment methods.  
•  Complete history of transactions.  
•  Customizable reports.  
•  Roles set-up and operating flows. 
•  Control of inventory of the card readers.
•  Audit trail of each action taken.

Connectivity and integrations

We are compatible with ISO 8583 and Web Services. Our infrastructure is certified with the highest safety standards in the industry.

We are connected with multiple credit card processors, virtual wallets, bill payments and more.

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