Tap to Phone - SoftPOS

Turn a smartphone into a point of sale

We develop a solution so that any Android mobile phone with NFC technology can accept contactless payments without additional devices.
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A financial revolution for your business

Accept massive payments with cards, get new customers to come to your business, and multiply your results in the short term.


Increase activation of users who start trading faster, without an additional hardware

Low costs

Avoid sales force, logistics and reader maintenance expenses.


Reach more users through low-cost and mass-consumption NFC device.

3 simple steps: How Tap to Phone works

Our software enable a commercial phone (Android) to read contactless cards and other wireless payment devices using the built-in NFC antenna.

Ammount income

Enter the ammount to be charged or the catalog product

Ingreso de monto

Card reading

Approach the card to the back of the phone



The payment is processed securely on your device


Your business safety is our top priority

We guarantee the security of your end-to-end processes relying on the highest standards, from the application integrity to the safe handling of the encrypted data that is sent for approval.

Learn how we work to enhance your business and guarantee its safety

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